Best iPad Apps for 2017

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By James Barrett

The iPad remains the best tablet on the market — particularly the 9.7” iPad, released back in April. It’s not just a clean, intuitive experience. It’s the wealth of applications available on the App Store, specifically designed for this device — and they span every category you can imagine. No matter how you use your iPad, iPad apps are what make your device your own. But there’s a lot of options to choose from, and the sheer volume can be overwhelming. To make the job a bit easier, I’ve come up with a list of some of the best iPad apps for 2017 and beyond. Don’t miss out on grabbing some of the best iPad apps for your essential gadget. Read More...

Meet Our People: Heather Hall, Director of Finance at

Heather Hall, Director of Finance at

By Heather Hall

I’m Heather Hall, and I’ve been Director of Finance at for the last two and a half years — it’s taken me almost that long to decorate my office (priorities, people). I came to the company with nearly 15 years experience in the telecom field. Industry-speak would probably refer to me and other long-term telco folks as “dinosaurs” — there aren’t many of us left! Read More...

Cutting Costs as a Small Business

Video conferencing technology for small business

By Jessica Sullivan, Guest Blogger

Small businesses generally have it tough. You don’t get the benefit of economies of scale and you don’t have as much influence on the wider economic and political environment. What can you do? You can specialize, innovate and fill a unique role in the marketplace. So whether you have a physical location, online presence, or both — there are some ways you can scale back your outgoings and keep your finances out of the red. Read More...

The 13 Best iPhone Apps for Toddler Parents, Part Three

Baby Connect App

Welcome back, mamas and papas! To briefly recap, this series has so far reviewed the best iPhone apps for entertaining toddlers and the best shopping apps for busy parents. In Part Three, we’ll discuss health apps, and apps that help you not lose the stuff you need. Including your kids.

Health Apps

For just about every health-related need, check out Baby Connect. Picked by Apple as a featured App for Busy Moms (or dads), it’s the most comprehensive baby tracking application on the AppStore. This health app features graphical reports and trending charts, weekly averages, medicine, vaccine and growth tracking, timers, notifications, reminder alarms, emails and more. Plus it syncs to cloud so family members and child care providers can be in the know. ($4.99, App Store/Play Store) Read More...

The 13 Best iPhone Apps for Toddler Parents, Part Two

A couple weeks back, I reviewed my favorite iPhone parenting apps to keep that toddler busy in the backseat while you head to family-friendly activities. In Part Two, I’ll focus on healthy, convenient and low-cost shopping apps — and we’ll look at the best buy and sell apps.

Shopping Apps

As a single mom, my biggest challenge is making sure my daughter eats healthy while staying within a budget. But no matter where you shop, be sure to use ibotta. This shopping app gives you cashback on everyday purchases that you can transfer to PayPal, Venmo or gift cards. (Free, App Store/Play Store) Read More...