Trending in Tech: Video Conferencing Is Taking Names

Video calling technology for retail sales

Today, video calling is as commonplace as audio conferencing. It’s amazing that what began with expensive systems in high-end boardrooms has grown infinitely more affordable and accessible — and pocket-sized, thanks to the wealth of available video conferencing apps

Video Calling Options Abound

The IT decision-makers and end-users out there are spoiled for choice. Yet all video calling platforms are not created equal. There’s still a huge cost spectrum, ranging from exorbitantly expensive (still) to free-with-caveats (groan) to (yes) absolutely free. Beyond cost, video platforms sport a wide range of included features, from all-of-the-above to none at all. Read More...

The Press Roundup: October 2017

Standing at a podium with a microphone facing the camera, looking out at the audience

Welcome to the October 2017 Press Roundup! With such a diverse user group, you never know where is going to make an appearance. Let’s check it out.

Business Tech Tool

In, is one of 4 Tech Tools That Make Running Your Business Easier. As the author writes, is "just what it sounds like: You can set up both audio conferencing calls and online meetings (webinars, screen-sharing, etc.) for free." Read More...

5 Must-Have Tools for Building Your Startup

By Swishh, Inc.

For the past 18 months, our team members have been working remotely, scattered around the world. We've built our app and managed our team using online products and services. It’s truly fascinating to compare the startup ecosystem of 20 years ago with today, in light of the abundance of online tools available now to entrepreneurs. These tools make building a company a much easier task than it was back in the day. Even more incredible? The affordability of these products and services — which are free, for the most part. Below, you’ll find our list of start-up tools and cost-friendly products and services, all used by Swishh, for Swishh, on a daily basis. We’ve benchmarked our absolute favorites. Read More...