November's Featured Service of the Month: Simple Blast

Simple Blast is an outgoing message service which allows you to blast (send) a prerecorded message to your selected calling list. Each blast can last up to two minutes and can be sent to up to 10,000 numbers at once. It's a great way to notify, confirm and make announcements about meetings, appointments and upcoming events. Instead of calling your contact list one by one, SimpleBlast allows you to send out notices via phone to your selected contacts all at the same time.

Here are some segments we look forward to during the month of November:

  • This months 'How To' segments will explain how to create your phone books, import contacts and schedule/cancel blasts
  • We will also be featuring a new Customer of the Month highlighting the ways they have utilized this service
  • We will also feature different customers and how they have used Simple Blast to meet their personal and business needs

Be sure to check back all month to read the latest posts and learn about everything Simple Blast, powered by, has to offer!

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  3. Call our 24/7 Customer Service line at 877.482.5838 (Domestic U.S.) or 562.437.1411 (International)

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