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Vania, Web designer at FreeConferenceCall.comBy Vania Wang

Hi there, Iā€™m Vania, and I am a web designer at I have been with the company with almost a year now, and I have loved every second so far. As the designer on the product team, I help to maintain and refresh the user interface for many of our products. Since we have multiple websites and mobile applications, there is definitely something new to work on daily.

My responsibilities include the creation of wireframes all the way up to high-fidelity mock ups. During the day, I am constantly sketching and iterating in order to find the best design solution for a product with the users in mind. Aside from coming up with designs, I also have to pitch it to my team or the management, and that has helped me to become an even better presenter.

Working at has been an amazing experience so far. I know it is a perfect fit for my unicorn personality because my coworkers are all fellow unicorns with super awesome personalities. It is a friendly, open-minded, and fun work environment. Everyone is willing to help or answer any questions I have. This work place also encourages me to be a better designer because everyone is so good at what they do. I feel truly lucky to be a part of this amazing company.

Oh ā€” and we have super awesome company lunches on Fridays!

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