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By Renita Samuel

Renita, Customer Care RepI have been with going on 11 years. I started off in Sales, but always knew my passion was Customer Care. Today, I have over 20 years of customer service experience — and I still love interacting with customers. I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that a customer has a good experience with me and has become more comfortable using their account. I never mind taking the time to help a customer learn about the service they registered for. As a senior rep, I understand how customers feel. I am truly a senior, so I didn’t really grow up with computers and apps. So I can sympathize with a lot of callers my age.

So what do I do all day? I answer our Live Chat, take incoming Customer Care calls and make outbound calls — all with the goal of educating and supporting customers on the various services we offer. I also provide demos for technical support and product knowledge. Whenever warranted, I send business leads to our sales team, gather data for the marketing department and assist with billing functions. Ultimately, I enjoy working on a variety of assigned projects. And I’m always available to assist with training new Customer Care reps.

Working at has allowed me to learn so much, and I’ve been able to help others — especially those without strong computer knowledge — understand how to use their account. Providing a positive customer experience is very important to me. I love getting emails and calls to my extension that are referrals from those I have previously supported. I hope to retire from There is no other place I would rather be.

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