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By Charlotte Hamilton

Charlotte Hamilton, Customer Care Rep

Hello everyone! My name is Charlotte and I am a Customer Care agent here at My full name is Charlotte Kila Kina Hamilton. Kila Kina is Hawaiian and is pronounced “Keelah-Keenah”. It was my great-great grandmother's name on my dad’s side and was passed down to me as my Hawaiian name.

I’m 23 years old and the second youngest of 4 siblings. I’m very close to my family and very close to my art. I have multiple music projects going on at the moment as well as secretly and anonymously blogging my poetry and art. Other than that, once the Office of Hawaiian Affairs provides my Hawaiian ancestry reparation scholarship for college, I’m very much looking forward to completing my degree.

A typical day in the life as a customer care agent? Well, there isn’t one. It’s always different, depending on the calls that come in. Customers have a range of questions, from general help — such as “How do you record a call?” — to more technical questions requiring troubleshooting and pricing inquiries. So it varies, and always keeps me busy.

On my breaks or at lunch time, I’m usually listening to music. I’m very much into classical musicians right now, such as Schubert, Handel, and Chopin — but I listen to ALL kinds of music. Sometimes I’ll draw little sketches or write some poetry. I attempt to abnegate myself from social media as much as possible.

I can honestly say that Free Conference Call has to be one of the best companies I’ve worked for. It’s a very friendly, communicative environment with great people!

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