Mary Kay Seminar was a Success

During the end of July and early August the FreeConferenceCall sales and marketing team attended the Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas, Texas. The event was filled with makeup, jewelry, and wonderful people. Mary Kay members have been loyal users of our products, which makes them a vital part of the FreeConferenceCall family. Mary Kay members need to keep close communication with their team, and FreeConferenceCall will be there to make their dreams happen. Among their favorite and most used services are SimpleBlast, SimpleVoiceCenter, and FreeConferenceCall.

The three week event allowed us to introduce our newest service, StartMeeting. Many Mary Kay gals were ready to take on this new service and make their conferences even more exciting! There is no better way to explain something than through visuals and StartMeeting is the perfect tool for just that.

Below are a few pictures from the event.

A trade show table filled with swag

A man working the booth at a trade show

An employee training someone on how to use the service

Two employees standing in a booth at a MaryKay conference

The booth at a trade show

Also, Sue Lautenschlager was the lucky winner of the hot pink Coach Bag raffled during the event. She looks fabulous with her new handbag!

Our Mary Kay Coach bag winner

Below is statement from our gal Sue. Thank you Sue for your wonderful words!

I got the purse today… IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! However, I was not "camera ready". I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow! So, I will get a picture taken tomorrow and send it off right away!

Thanks to you and FREECONFERENCECALL.COM for recognizing so many of us in Mary Kay that use your services! I (we) appreciate the services you currently offer and your continued search to help small business owners stay connected in an affordable manner (like StartMeeting, SimpleVoiceBox, Simple Blast!)!

Again, thank you for your services and a big special thanks for my brand new Coach Purse!”

See you ladies in January at the Leadership Conference! Can’t wait to meet more people like Sue and help everyone with our services in order to succeed in your business!

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

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