Last but Definitely not Least

You are almost done learning everything about StartMeeting.  We cannot conclude StartMeeting without informing you of the 3 useful enhancements we offer to personalize your account!

  • Custom Hold Music - Upload a music file that will play while participants wait for the host to join. This feature is $2.00 a month.
  • Custom Greeting - Upload a recording of your personalized greeting for participants to hear when entering your conference. This feature is $2.00 a month.
  • Extra Storage for Recordings- Add storage for your recordings.  Prices begin as low as $3.00 dollars a month providing 10GB.  StartMeeting will provide one complementary GB of storage.

This completes our coverage of StartMeeting. If you have any questions please contact our customer service team at (800) 644-9070 or via email at

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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