Introducing Steve: Customer of the Month

FreeConferenceCall's Blog just got a little more exciting! Every month, we are going to highlight a new customer who is using our services in an innovative way to create an innovative solution for your business, family or community. We are unveiling this on the blog because this is what we know at it is you the customer who is driving innovation with your needs. We want to highlight your innovation to create solutions.

Take for example, Steve Montignani;

Steve has been in sales for 30 years. He was involved with several pioneering efforts in telephone and other communication technologies. However, when it came to how to keeping in touch with his former college classmates to plan for a reunion Steve hit a road bump. At first, the group of 12 tried email to come up with ideas for the big reunion (#35). It became apparent early on that this one-to-one and infrequent group communication was getting them nowhere fast. The team was behind the curve in planning their big event and losing steam with the tedious back and forth!

Steve suggested to his College Reunion committee that they get together regularly to plan the reunion via Who knew a conference call could be so much fun?! Now, with just a couple of well planned conference calls, the reunion had picked up steam again with the immediate give-and-take thanks to the brainstorming. Before Steve knew it, the reunion was back on track! The calls were a big hit and reenergized the Reunion committee.

Steve has reported this has changed the way they will communicate in the future! I am happy to report not only was it our best reunion ever, but the group wants to maintain more regular communications via conference calls, said Steve. This includes not just our committee, but our whole class–those that were there and some that were not. We are no longer satisfied with having one big reunion every 5 years. It seems our next few years will find a reunion by phone completely using your service. Thanks for saving the day and the reunion,

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