How to Send a Blast Using SimpleBlast

SimpleBlast provides a fast and convenient way to communicate a message with multiple people all at one time.


Follow the easy steps below to setup, send or schedule your message blast(s):

  1. To send or schedule a blast log into your account, click on the 'Send Blast' tab and fill out the appropriate fields.
  2. Select One - Select 'new blast' from the drop down menu.
  3. Title Message Blast - Name the message blast for future reference.
  4. Schedule Message Blast This option allows you to send the message blast immediately or schedule it to be sent out at a later day and time. The frequency drop down menu allows you to send a message on a recurring basis.
  5. Send Email Reminder This gives you the option to send an email to all recipients in the blast informing them of the blast that is being sent. It also includes the recorded message in the body of the email.
  6. Please Add Recipients for this Message Blast Add recipients here by selecting the phone book(s) you wish to send the blast to.
  7. Send- When you are ready to record your message (for new blasts), click send and our system will dial the phone number you listed when setting up the blast. Follow the prompts to record your blast. When you have recorded your message blast, press 2 on your phone keypad to send to all selected contacts.

After a blast has been sent, view its details in the 'Blast History' tab. Also, reschedule a blast to be sent by following the above steps and select to resend a previous blast in step 2 of setup. For more details, please also see our video tutorial.

In our next blog post, we will share how our services can help you stay connected with family and friends during the holidays.

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