How to Import Contacts to SimpleBlast

In order to add contacts to your SimpleBlast account, a phone book must be created.

Follow the 3 easy steps below to create a phone book(s):

  1. Log into your SimpleBlast account and click on the My Phone Books tab
  2. Select Create New located on the left hand side of the page
  3. Type in the title for the phone book and click Create

Create multiple phone books to make it easy to send message blasts to a select group of people. To manually add a single contact to a phone book, click 'Add Recipient', also located on the left side of the page. In the next window, fill out the contact's information and click 'Add'.

Follow the steps below to add multiple contacts to a single phone book by importing a .CSV file:

  1. Create your .CSV File - Using your existing email client like Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail or Mary Kay InTouch, export your contacts to a .CSV Excel file. For more information, instructions and a complete list of supported email clients, click here.
  2. Save your .CSV File - When you have exported your contacts list, save the file to your desktop or preferred location and be sure the 'save as type' is selected to CSV (Comma Delimited).
  3. Import your .CSV File - To import your exported and saved file, log into your SimpleBlast account, click on 'Import CSV' located in the 'My Phone Books' tab and fill out the three fields.

Once you have successfully imported contacts into your phone book, you are ready to send your first message blast.

In our next blog, scheduled for Monday, we will show you how to send your first message blast!

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