How Did Winners of “WhatBrandIsIt?” Spend Their Money?

FreeConferenceCall’s viral marketing campaign entitled “WhatBrandIsIt?” endowed 50 lucky winners with $500 over the holiday season and how they chose to spend their money is far from ordinary. Ranging from date nights to baby diapers, winners used their money in the most extraordinary ways. Read their responses below.

Collage of pictures

“Here's a photo of me, my dog, Linny and my cat, Luther. I'm planning to use the $500 I won in the "WhatBrandIsIt?" contest to pay their veterinary bills.

Linny is deaf, blind and an insulin-dependent diabetic. Luther is FIV positive which causes various other health problems and requires frequent vet visits. The prize money will help enormously with the cost of their medical treatment and medications.

Thank you for making this holiday season so much brighter for us!”-Sharon

Side by side photo of one cat and one dog

“Thank you so much for the check and opportunity to play in the sweepstakes.  I was able to purchase some extra special Christmas gifts for my boys for Christmas.”-Laura

Double collage with two winners for the What Brand is it contest

“I want to take a trip to New York from Minnesota to be there for the birth of my nephew.”-Megan

A selfie of a young woman

“I decided to participate in your What Brand Is It? competition solely for the enjoyment of a good puzzle at first. After digging day after day through clues, my wife and I became hopeful towards winning the grand prize so that we could purchase a vehicle and better support ourselves. I may not have won that grand prize, but I'm still a winner! So what am I going to do with my money? First thing on my list… buy diapers!”-Jesus

A father with his son holding a diaper cake

 “I used the $500 to pay for a car payment and a date night for me and hubby!  THANK YOU!!!”-Rachel

A young woman standing next to her white car

“When it's cold out I'm fantasizing about warm weather and the beach. So with the money, I'd like to take my family, parents and in-laws to the beach this summer for a quick visit. My mother-in-law has breast cancer and I think sinking her toes in the sand may do her some good. Thank you very much.”-William

A family taking a photo on the beach

“I plan to us the money to go fishing.”-Ray

Man with the fish he caught on a boat

“I really had to think about what I wanted to do with the money.  After many pro and con lists, I have decided to publish the Family History book that I have been working on for the last several years. I will be making 20 copies to share with family members.” -Jennifer

the winner of our mary kay giveaway

Thank you to everyone who shared his or her stories and participated in the “WhatBrandIsIt?” competition. We greatly appreciate it!

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