Google Limits Call Blocking?

Look at some of last week's headlines: 'Google Says it Will Limit Call Blocking', 'Google Defends, Scales Back Call Blocking' and 'Google Tells FCC it's still Blocking Calls, but fewer of them'

The story was everywhere. In every major news outlet. And there was news there alright but it wasn't that Google was going to "reduce" the number calls it was blocking. After all, Google did not say how many calls they were blocking in the first place.

The news was Google was saying we will continue to pick and choose which calls consumers can complete. We will continue to decide if you – the consumer– are calling a number too much which we will deem circumspect.

At the end of the day, Google's announcement may have made news, but it wasn't newsworthy. It was the status quo.

One more interesting item, Google now offers free conferencing with its new service. Will those calls go through?

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