Get on the Right Path: Publishes New E-Book for Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings Are Here to Stay

The medium of collaboration has changed. Virtual meetings are fast replacing the boardroom for everyday meetings. With the availability of cloud-based collaboration services, all knowledge workers have the opportunity to increase engagement and build business relationships. Sure, workers will continue to meet around the conference room table. But chances are at least a few are joining remotely.

Getting the Most From Your Virtual Meetings

As we aim for expertise in this ever-evolving space, there’s a need to signpost virtual conferencing best practice. Questions arise, whether we are old hands or newbies to the virtual collaboration scene: Do virtual meetings have the same impact as face-to-face meetings? How do I best organize a virtual conference? What strategies do I use to build and engage a strong collaborative team, especially with workers who rarely, if ever, meet in person?

The Tao of Virtual MeetingsAt, these are the kind of questions we live to answer. Best practice-seekers can rest assured — you're headed in the right direction. We've launched an ebook to help you navigate this virtual space in style, from meeting do's and don'ts to crafting a psychological safety net for your remote team.

Ready for answers? Check out our new ebook: The Tao of Virtual Meetings: Finding the Ultimate Path Through the Collaboration Space.

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