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We hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. We would like to remind you of our exhibition at the Small Business Expo taking place in the California Market Center, Los Angeles on November 8, 2012.

In order to build a strong business there are a few strategies to take in place such as:A hand picking up the phone

  1. Having a flexible vision, this gives you room for improvement.
  2. Socialize with everyone; you never know who may be a useful contact in the future.
  3. Be attentive with your budget. Simply because you can afford expensive doesn’t mean you should.
  4. Think like a customer. Consider their wants and needs through their perspective.

FreeConferenceCall is perfect for an emerging business; we can assist with the third strategy mentioned above. Saving money is one of the key components, anything that comes at a low price is ideal.  Of course, free would even be better!

FreeConferenceCall is easy to use. Conducting a call doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult. This is perfect when you need to communicate quickly with colleagues or customers regarding important announcements, conflicts or topics that require rapid attention. This will allow you to maintain your company informed. Not to mention you will never have to make a reservation, which is great for last minute calls.

Lastly, FreeConferenceCall offers reliability and security. We connect all of our calls through hardwire lines making your conferences crystal clear. Conference calls are also extremely secure, once you have an account, that account only belongs to you. After every call, you will receive a call detail report with a list of all those who joined your conference. You will also have the ability to block outside lines once your callers are securely connected on the conference.

Don’t over think it, FreeConferenceCall is the perfect service for your small business!

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