Featured Customer of the Month: Leah Nelson

Leah_Nelson - Senior Director for Mary Kay CosmeticsWe are happy to introduce Leah Nelson, our feature customer of the month for June! Leah is currently a Senior Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics and uses our SimpleVoiceBox, FreeConferenceCall, and SimpleBlast services on a weekly basis. These services help her connect with her team in a way she didn't think was possible. Find out how from our interview with Leah below.

  1. How often do you use our services? 2-3 times a week! I'm constantly using FreeConferenceCall and SimpleVoiceBox to get information out to my team. It's the quickest and easiest way to stay connected with the girls.
  2. How do you use SimpleVoiceBox for Business? I always record the conference calls I have with the team. After every call, I upload the recording to my SimpleVoiceBox account so the girls can refer back to the call or if someone missed it, they can still get the information we covered.
  3. How else have you utilized SimpleVoiceBox? I'm also a Realtor and have used SimpleVoiceBox for different properties I've listed. People call into the number, listen to information about the details of a home being sold and can leave a message for me to call them back at a later time.
  4. How has SimpleVoiceBox helped you succeed? SimpleVoiceBox has allowed me to reach more people in a personal, yet professional manner. It's helped my business grow in ways I never thought possible. Thank you FreeConferenceCall.com!

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