Featured Customer of the Month: Barry Tomlinson

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Barry StoneHill Group logoTomlinson, our feature customer of the month for May! Barry is the Director of Special Projects at The StoneHill Group and has been using TollFreeConferenceCall daily since first signing up for the service. He is responsible for maintaining customer relationships, as well as management within the company. Read our interview with Barry below to find out how The StoneHill Group has benefited from TollFreeConferenceCall:

  1. How often do you use our services? Every day! TollFreeConferenceCall has become an integral part of our daily business at The StoneHill Group.
  2. How do you use TollFreeConferenceCall for Business? Before TollFreeConferenceCall, we only had one conference line for our entire office. Now all of our Managers have their own number and can make conference calls without waiting for the conference line to get free.
  3. How has TollFreeConferenceCall helped you succeed? With TollFreeConferenceCall and its features, we are able to do more conference calls which allow us to reach more clients on a daily basis.

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