This Earth Day Go Green With Free Conference Calling

Man sitting at table, on computer surrounded by trees

We don’t mean to brag, but Earth Day is coming up, and we’ve got this whole reducing- carbon-emissions thing wrapped up.

If you’re less of a “reduce, reuse, recycle” person and more of a “looking to help the environment with minimal effort” kind of person, we have something for you to try. Hint: it’s conference calling.

As a company, we know it’s crucial to be aware of how our business and the waste that comes with it can affect the environment— so imagine our surprise when we found out our business model is already helping the environment (and by using you’re helping too.)

Below are three huge ways green conferencing can efficiently and directly reduce your carbon footprint, while keeping your business game strong and communication flowing.

Travel Less

Besides being a great way to communicate with people from all over, conference calling reduces the waste and environmental pollution that comes with travel. By picking up the phone, instead of your suitcase, not only are you saving money on that $6 bottle of airport water, you’re also reducing your carbon footprint.

Skip The Commute, Be More Productive

Think about it;what if all the time, and gas, you wasted sitting in traffic could be saved with a remote call? You’d get the information you need quicker. You could start being productive sooner and all the gas spent waiting at red lights…well that could be taken right out of the environment and put back into your wallet. We certainly wouldn’t mind one less tank fill-up a week.

Work From Home

Working from your bed will actually help the environment. According to published reports, if the 41 million Americans with telework-compatible jobs worked from home for one day a week, the environment would be spared 423,000 tons of greenhouse gas. That’s the same as taking 77,000 cars off the road for a year. So if you can, take advantage of working in your pajamas or from the comfort of your kitchen table and breathe easy knowing you’re helping to save the planet.

So let’s recap: you can save money, time, work from home and help the environment all with a free platform to efficiently communicate with everyone you need to? Like we said, we’ve got this whole saving the earth thing in the (reusable) bag.

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