Customer of the Month: Jim Bennett

As promised, our October featured Customer of the Month is Jim Bennett of Bennett Associates. He has been a loyal customer for two years and uses our service anywhere from four to five times per month, with that number increasing all the time he says. Find out how has helped Jim and Bennett Associates:

  1. How do you use for your business? My business requires a great deal of interviewing clients over the phone. By using's services, I am able to make it easy for a client to connect with me (no excuses, it's free and you can connect from anywhere).
  2. How do you use outside of business ? I belong to 3 or 4 networking groups where we now use this very reliable service. They are now using the service for their businesses as well. There is no downside. As a matter of fact, I receive a short report as a host which essentially is a record of callers that were on the conference call. I see the phone #'s of those on the call, and for how long they were on.
  3. How has helped you succeed? In my line of work where communication is essential and traveling to see people face-to-face is happening less and less, I now have a FREE and reliable tool that takes away the excuse that we cannot connect. Thank you for this valuable service.

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