Congratulations to Josh Lowenthal, FreeConferenceCall’s new COO

Josh Lowenthal, COO

Josh Lowenthal, COO

Josh Lowenthal is the Chief Operating Officer at  Since joining in 2010, has successfully expanded to a customer base of over 25 million users each month in more than 50 countries worldwide.  Each day, Josh continues to expand our services by engaging customer bases eager to participate in the global economy through teleconferencing.

Lowenthal's accomplished career began with his efforts to modernize telecommunications in West Africa. Through this experience, he realized his passion for connecting people across the world with great conferencing solutions.  When Josh joined, he brought his passion for international business to a company that strongly encouraged "thinking beyond the startup mentality."

Although Josh's efforts have been instrumental in our continued success, Josh insists the key to's exponential growth is its established customer loyalty with the product itself:

"It's a tool that gives anyone the ability to broadcast and collaborate to anyone else with a phone on any continent in the world. The real-time cooperation that facilitates allows for mission critical development, and creates efficiencies that you can’t achieve any other way."

As a dedicated husband and father, Josh enjoys working for a company that encourages a healthy work/life balance with their associates. When he is not managing day-to-day operations and improving customer relations, Josh is directly involved in charitable efforts to assist homeless and at-risk families.

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