Congratulations to FreeConferenceCall International!

It is an honor to announce that FreeConferenceCall International has been awarded two Stevie awards!  The awards appointed are gold, for best telecommunications service of the year and the bronze for telecommunications company of the year.

FreeConferenceCall was established by David Erickson, with a simple goal, to provide the best quality service for free.  Here we are 10 years after being recognized for one of our services, FreeConferenceCall International. What began as a simple and easy telecommunication service for the United States has now expanded globally.  Since 2011, FreeConferenceCall has expanded to 30 countries and we are growing!  Awards like Stevie make every single member of Free Conferencing Corporation work harder to create and provide the best services for our valued customers!

The award ceremony will take place in South Korea on 15 October, and everyone at the office is looking forward to this amazing event!  Click here to read a full article on our awards.

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