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Prayer Lines Bringing People Together

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In this increasingly digital world of remote engagement, it’s easy to feel isolated. Yet technology doesn’t always work against us. Reports show that more than 1 billion minutes of teleconferencing have been used for prayer lines over the past several years, the real impact of which has exceeded expectations.

According to long-standing customers, weekly teleconferencing is a critical “lifeline” for churchgoers unable to join a fellowship in person. Indeed, these tele-sermons and prayer calls have become a workaround for single parents, people with disabilities, elderly congregants and anyone who was previously kept away by the daily demands of life. Read More...

Tales From the Front Line: Lessons From Your Trusted Customer Care Rep

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By Kelly Kincaid, Customer Care Representative,

At, we get a lot of calls into Customer Care about capacity. When we tell customers they can screen share, audio or video conference with up to 1,000 participants, they are usually shocked. We understand the incredulous guffaws. For most conference users, it’s hard to imagine how to manage such a large meeting. Read More... For Business™ Disrupts the Enterprise Market with Low-Cost Managed Services

Amidst the buzz of activity last week at Enterprise Connect, Bob Wise, President of, sat down with Doug Green, publisher of Telecom Reseller for a podcast to discuss the company’s solutions for enterprise customers.

Wise talks about the expansion of services into the business market. As he explains, the company has always offered high-quality audio conferencing and online meetings to end users. Now it is working directly with enterprise IT departments to provide those same conferencing services with added features to provide more control over the conferencing experience. Read More...

How For Business™ Is Walking the Talk: Delivering Savings to Enterprises Through New Partnership With Tangoe

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At For Business, we talk a lot about how our service can drastically reduce conferencing and collaboration spend without skimping on quality. We’re not content with just talk. We want to show how we’re sticking to our promise of irresistibly optimized budgets.

This week, we announced our partnership with Tangoe, Inc. (NASDAQ:TNGO), a leading global provider of IT Expense Management (ITEM) software and related services. We spoke with the CEO of Tangoe, Al Subbloie, to find out what prompted this cutting-edge company to move forward with For Business. Read More...

It’s Time to Stop Wasting Millions on Conferencing EVP Brad Dupee Shares with Telecom Reseller How IT Decision Makers are Saving Up to 80%

In a recent interview with Telecom Reseller publisher Doug Green, EVP of Business Development spoke to Executive Vice President, Business Markets for Brad Dupee about why business users have chosen to use and why smart resellers and enterprise IT decision makers are looking to For Business.Read More...