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Wondering How to Call India? Use to Connect with India from the United States for Free

Whether you’re growing a global business or connecting with friends and family, calling India can take up a lot of space on your phone bill. Some online alternatives, like Skype, aren’t always reliable in a country with some of the slowest broadband internet speeds in the world.

So how do you phone India without the associated cost? In other words, how do you get free access to 1.25 billion people? Fortunately, there’s an easy answer — because now has a local in-country dial-in number for India. There’s no need to call India, not when you can free conference call India instead. And with, you can say goodbye to poor call quality and freezing video feeds. Read More... For Business Heads to Enterprise Connect with Big Giveaway

It’s that time again, folks — Enterprise Connect is right around the corner, and For Business™ will be there. This year, we’re excited to be upping our giveaway game with two StartMeeting® | Room “License for Life” packages.

StartMeeting | Room is a one-click video conferencing system. While turnkey room solutions aren’t new to the market, our technology sets StartMeeting | Room apart from the herd — seamlessly linking VoIP, PSTN and video participants for much less than the other guys charge. Move over, Zoom Room. Read More...

Let’s Take This Outside: How to Be Happy at Work

Peach blossoms

In the immortal words of Dutch pop sensation, BZN, spring is in the air! And according to The Weather Company’s latest three-month outlook, it’s going to be a warm one — thanks to climate change. And while climate change is never good news, the extra sunshine could at least be good for your mental health.

Researchers often note the connection between light exposure and increasing serotonin levels, which in turn can decrease depressive symptoms. Sunlight also increases vitamin D levels in the body, which boosts mood. And studies show that spending time in nature can decrease stress, lower blood pressure and reduce symptoms of depression. Read More...