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Get Your Free StartMeeting Mobile Apps & Plug-ins!

Looking for more ways to integrate StartMeeting into your life? Add our Outlook and Google Calendar plug-ins, and get your free, full-featured mobile conferencing app! We're making it easy to schedule meetings, access your Wall, and invite callers on the go. Our apps are available for download on Google Play and in the iTunes Store for your Android, iPhone, or iPad devices.

Outlook and Google Plug-ins
Integrate StartMeeting into your calendar to schedule meetings, invite callers, or access your Wall directly from your calendar software. One-click access will simplify the way your organize your online meetings – and this feature comes standard on all StartMeeting accounts. No need to update your subscription – simply download our Outlook or Google Calendar plug-ins to get started. Read More...

Introducing Chat to the Meeting Wall

Man sitting at his desk, smiling at his computer with eyeglasses in his hand

Conducting a conference call and need to use Chat?  With the newly introduced Chat feature to StartMeeting, you can easily chat with your callers right from your Meeting Wall.  This feature is great for collecting questions for Q&A sessions, as well as, collaborating on a variety of projects. You can even password protect it. Did we mention it’s completely free to use!

Not hosting a conference call? No problem! Chat may be used at anytime for instant messaging - a live conference call is not required. Just instruct everyone to go to your Wall URL and start chatting from the Chat panel.  No logins or software downloads needed. Read More...

Record Today. Share Tomorrow.

Find yourself repeating the same message or sales presentation?

Record it instead! Broadcast it later as often as you want. With our new Broadcaster, you can now play recorded audio files during live teleconferences and online meetings. Great for virtual guests, regular trainings, sales presentations and more. Read More...