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Host an Online Meeting and Win an iPad Mini!

If you haven’t hosted an Online Meeting with FreeConferenceCall yet, you’re missing out! You could be:

Eddie goes #Incallnito in Brazil

Soccer game in the stadium

"It's amazing how nations can come together for the world's most popular sport…"

Sportsmanship, competition, and fun. The world comes together for many reasons, and when it does, the importance of staying connected comes into a sharper focus. Right now, millions of people around the world are gathering around the television in living rooms, local pubs, favorite hangouts, and even at the office to share in the exciting drama unfolding in Brazil.Read More...

The Road Less Traveled

Mike Miller, State Director with Smart Choice Agents and satisfied StartMeeting customer

Mike Miller, State Director with Smart Choice Agents and satisfied StartMeeting customer.

Mike Miller is a busy guy. Between travel commitments, training sessions, and trying to spend more time with his family, Miller has had little time to stop and catch his breath. This year, that all changed when he decided to make the switch to StartMeeting. Now, Miller's days are a little less hectic, a little more organized, and he couldn't be happier. "StartMeeting has truly changed my life," he admits. "Instead of spending seven days a month traveling, I've only been on the road four days this entire year!"Read More...

Featured Customer of the Month: Manish Shahng

January's Featured Customer of the Month is Manish Shahng! He has been using our services for many years including FreeConferenceCall, SimpleVoiceCenter and, more recently, FreeConferenceCall International. These communication services has made keeping in touch with family and friends much easier and affordable. We had the privilege of interviewing Manish and would like to share some of the top questions and answers below:

  1. How often do you use our services? 1-2 times a week
  2. How has FreeConferenceCall International helped you? I have family and friends living all around the world, with a lot of them in Europe.'s new international service has made it very easy for me to talk to my brother in France and I love the quality and dependability of the service. I also have family in India and can't wait until you have numbers there!
  3. How else have you utilized's services? I mostly use it for personal use. I use SimpleVoiceCenter to upload prayer sessions from recorded conference calls I have with my prayer group. It's great for people who missed the live prayer to still have an opportunity to listen to the recording.

We would love to feature you on our blog! If you wish to be featured, you can do so any of the following ways: Read More...