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This Earth Day Go Green With Free Conference Calling

Man sitting at table, on computer surrounded by trees

We don’t mean to brag, but Earth Day is coming up, and we’ve got this whole reducing- carbon-emissions thing wrapped up.

If you’re less of a “reduce, reuse, recycle” person and more of a “looking to help the environment with minimal effort” kind of person, we have something for you to try. Hint: it’s conference calling. Read More...

Bootstrapping Your Start-Up: Why You Shouldn’t Take Venture Capital

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By: Founder & CEO David Erickson

As a successful entrepreneur, I am often asked to offer my best advice for those looking to start their own companies. My answer: Don’t take the money. Venture capital isn’t always what it is cracked up to be. Focus on what matters — being a CEO, building your products and your company culture. You may not have seen that one coming. When you’re ready to take your new business off the ground, securing equity can feel like the only thing that will actually move your start-up forward. We are often trained to believe that money equals success and validation. If you don’t receive money for your idea, is your company really worth anything? Read More...

Embrace Creativity: Using Screen Sharing and Drawing Tools for Team Building


January 31 is Inspire Your Heart with Art Day.

According to MommyPoppins, there are all kinds of ways — and reasons — to celebrate. “Whether it’s written, painted, sculpted, or performed, art helps us feel, communicate, and make sense of life. Visit a local art gallery, take in a musical performance, or have an at-home poetry slam. Let children experiment with water colors, write a song, put on a dance show, or decorate a driveway with chalk art. Today is about celebrating creativity and the power of self-expression.” Read More...

Be Like MacGyver: Trick Out Your Phone with Mobile Apps

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If you're like me, you unwrapped a new mobile phone this holiday season. While it doesn't come with that new car smell, it does deliver crisp, clear photos and videos, crazy customization options and some darn good bass.

But the reality of a phone these days — regardless of the built-in bells and whistles — is that what you get out of it depends on what you, well, install. Personally, I like my phone supercharged with apps, ready to MacGyver my way through any communications conundrum or miscellaneous tough spot. As they say, “There's an app for that.” Read More...

To the Inhabitants of Planet Earth: Happy Holidays and a Joyous 2017

Happy Holidays from

2016 has been quite a year, with highs, lows and more shock value than anyone anticipated. With all that’s happened, most of us feel like a holiday is long overdue — but this year, let’s do one thing before we leave. Let's make it a point to embrace a global perspective on who we are and where we're going.

So, imagine we’re part of one human race, with its countless unique expressions of identity. Imagine we are one family, all spinning together on a little rock in a tiny galaxy in an infinite universe. Sure, we have our differences. Families always do. But as another calendar year draws to a close, let's choose to remember what brings us together. Read More...