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Rejoice, Rejoice and Use your Voice to Spread the Holiday Cheer

While SimpleBlast is not one of the highlighted services this month, we feel that it's important to include in this post since it's a perfect communication tool for this time of the year. SimpleBlast is great for getting all your friends, relatives and colleagues together, especially with the holidays just around the corner. Send a quick blast to remind everyone of the time and location for your parties, any last minute important changes or simply to wish them all a Happy Holiday season. In addition, show your creative side and send your special someone a holiday message graham. Either way, SimpleBlast is a convenient way to connect with family, friends and colleagues.

Follow these easy steps to send or schedule a blast: Read More...

Share the Holidays with those Far and Near

Sharing your holiday memories with family and friends living around the world has never been easier utilizing along with FreeConferenceCall International.  These free communication tools give you the opportunity to share pictures, gift ideas, news , announcements and surprises. is a free online meeting service allowing you to share your complete desktop screen with your invited participants. To sign up today and begin sharing, follow these steps: Read More...

December Blogging Introduction

Red and gold christmas ornaments

2011 is almost over and this is a great time of the year!  This is the time when family, friends and colleagues get together to celebrate each other and the holidays. During this season we want to remind you that we provide a suite of great communication tools to connect with families overseas, dispersed over multiple states or those not able to travel. Below please find a list of the exciting tools, features and How To's that will be covered this month:

  • Santa's Hotline powered by
    • This is our third year of providing the Santa Hotline, a fun way for kids and even adults to call in and tell Santa their gift wishes
  • FreeConferenceCall International
    • Talk to friends, family and co-workers overseas with dial-in numbers provided in 16 countries and counting
    • Share pictures, gift ideas, family news, announcements and surprises with this free tool that allows you to share your computer screen and more
  • Featured Customer of the Month
    • Stay tuned to later this month when we introduce one of our customers and how they utilize our services

In our next blog, taking place this Thursday, we will go into detail about our Santa Hotline.  To check it out now, please call 951-262-3062. Read More...

Stay connected during this Holiday Season!

With increased travel costs it can be difficult to get together with friends and family during the holidays. At our site we offer a suite of communication tools to keep you connected.  We have highlighted two services that are great for keeping in touch:

FreeConferenceCall - Get your loved ones all on the same conference call with this simple-to-use service this Thanksgiving weekend. Read More...

What Does it Cost to Use SimpleBlast?

To use SimpleBlast, you will need to Sign Up for an account. The following is required to get started:

  • A valid credit card
  • Telephone
  • Computer

SimpleBlast works on a credit system allowing you to purchase message blasts in bulk. A message blast represents a single voice message which is sent to one selected number from your phone book(s). Each message blast costs $0.05. A minimum of 200 message blasts can be purchased at a time. Read More...

Be Prepared for a Disaster with Free Communication Tools disaster relief program

In honor of National Preparedness Month, has created a dedicated website for organizations, companies, groups, families, and individuals to use to prepare for, assist during the course of and help after any type of disaster. We encourage everyone to take steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, schools, organizations, businesses, and communities.

SimpleBlast allows you to record a message and notify a large group of people about an important conference or meeting that is schedule to take place. Read More...

Hello world!

Welcome to the brand new blog for Free Conferencing Corporation!! Each week we will discuss different topics about the services we provide, explore issues that are taking place in the world of telecommunications, examine articles found around the web, talk about the events that FreeConferenceCall has attended and any other creative things we can come up with. This blog is for you, the customer, and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing it and if there is ever something you wish for us to blog about, send us a message or leave a comment and we will be sure to try and feature it in a future blog.