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Meeting Dashboard vs Meeting Viewer

Last week we covered all the features available with the Meeting Dashboard.  This week we would like to explain the difference between the Meeting Dashboard and the Meeting Viewer.  When attendees join your meeting, a Meeting Viewer window will display. From this window attendees will be able to view what you (or presenter at the time) are sharing on your computer screen.  Anytime during the meeting, attendees are able to switch back and forth from the Meeting Dashboard and the Meeting Viewer.

Below is an example of a presentation being displayed on the Meeting Viewer window. As you change through slides on your desktop, they will also change on the attendees Meeting Viewer. At all times, attendees are able to view who is sharing their screen with an identifier listed at the top of the Meeting Viewer. Read More...

The Lobby Page

White square with empty center

Last week we explained how to customize your lobby landing page using the Lobby Manager. This is where you can view and manage how each part of your lobby will look. Following are the options available for customizing your lobby page:

  • Change your account password
  • Change the background color
  • Preview the Lobby - This allows you to view your lobby as participants will see it prior to joining the online meeting
  • Edit and upload content using the "Lobby Preview" option
  • Add your headshot and contact information
  • Add a company logo
  • Add a meeting title and description
  • Add documents and links to share with meeting participants

This is also a great tool for any holiday!  For this Valentine's Day, customize your lobby however you wish and share it with your someone special, or even, friends and family. Read More...

International Business Made Easy International is everything you have come to know and love with our classic service. This international addition, gives your participants the ability to connect to your conference call from all over the world by dialing a local number in their country. For example, say you are giving a presentation to potential investors in Germany but your partner is in France-with FreeConferenceCall International, you dial a German number and your partner dials a French number. The provided access code upon registration connects both lines on the same call! is now available in the following 16 countries: Read More...

Looking Ahead to the New Year: 2012 is Calling

We are always finding ways to improve our services and offer high quality communication tools to our customers and 2012 is no different. In the coming year we are planning on releasing new services, adding new features to our existing products, and creating additional mobile and tablet apps for our customers that are always on the go. We will also be taking part in many events such as the annual Children Today 5k/10k race to help homeless children in Long Beach, a multitude of trade shows to continuously connect with our customers and our employee potlucks that take place during the many holidays around the year. Below please find a list of the exciting tools, features and How To's that will be covered this month:

  • FreeConferenceCall International
    • Our Featured Service of the month! Each week we will share different features available with this service
  • Trade shows
    • In January, we will be exhibiting at 3 different trade shows! Check back as we share pictures and videos after each event
  • Featured Customer of the Month
    • As always, we will introduce one of our customers and how they utilize our services

In our next blog, taking place next week, we will discuss some of the benefits and features of FreeConferenceCall International. In the mean time, what would you like to see us do in the coming year? Share your ideas with us! Read More...

Ring in the New Year with Friends and Family Far and Near

The New Year is upon us! As we get ready to set new resolutions and plans for 2012, we wanted to reflect back on our 2011 milestones. Not only did we celebrate our 10 year anniversary as a company but we also introduced new features and services to our existing product line.

All of our services can be utilized to welcome in the New Year with your loved ones, friends and colleagues as the clock strikes midnight. We wish everyone a fun and safe New Year's weekend and look forward to connecting with you in 2012. Read More...