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No Excuse to Not Connect to a Call

Screen sharing pop up letting the user know their screen is not being shared

Among one of the best features that StartMeeting offers is the ability to connect callers to a conference call through a U.S. toll number, a toll-free number, and/or HD (high definition) VoIP.

When using a free StartMeeting account, customers will dial a U.S. toll number. This is perfect for those connecting from a cell phone with nationwide minutes. Also, if callers are connecting from a landline with a long distance plan, they are covered as well. Read More...

StartMeeting, Share Better!

StartMeeting, Share Better with logo

As many of you may have seen, there has been an email going out announcing our sister company, called Start Meeting, LLC.  Just when you thought FreeConferenceCall could not get any better, it did! is a full featured audio and web conferencing service.   You may register for a free or a premium account which includes screen sharing.   Customers have the option of selecting from a U.S. toll number, a U.S. toll-free number, or a high definition VoIP number integrated with the screen sharing option! Read More...

Let Gabrielle Tell You Her Story

Earlier this month our sales team attended the ASAE trade show; which took place in Dallas, Texas.  The show was a complete success. We were able to speak to over 200 attendees. Some of the visitors at our booth were current customers who already take advantage of the services we offer.  Others were brand new and excited to learn about how FreeConferenceCall is perfect for their business.

The most rewarding part of attending these shows is that we have the opportunity to converse with our customers face to face.  It is a great pleasure to listen to our customer’s stories and experiences using FreeConferenceCall.  Make sure to visit our YouTube page to see the testimonials from some of our customers! Read More...