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Comparing the Benefits of Audio-only Meetings and Video Conferences

Two people having a video conference

Video conferencing has quickly grown in popularity, and for good reason. With more people working remotely, online conferences have seen a huge spike in use.

While video conferencing is a powerful tool for communicating online, its dramatic increase in popularity overshadowed the benefits of audio-only conferences, leaving many with the impression that audio-only meetings are no good. But we think differently. There are a handful of benefits and drawbacks that come with both communication options, and we’re here to get to the bottom of it all. Read More... Launches Stay Connected Campaign To Ensure Americans Are Always Able To Reach Their Friends, Family, And Coworkers

Peoples need for group calling has never been higher and this new tool provides access in seconds. If you have a mobile phone, your account has already been enabled. Simply call (720) 820-2000 to test your account and get instructions.

As cases of coronavirus continue to be diagnosed around the world, a growing number of employees and students are being forced to stay home. It is critical in these times that communications are not impacted – both to help ensure the continued flow of business and so that friends and family are reliably and easily able to stay connected. Read More...

What is an Online Meeting?

Online meetings help team members collaborate using audio, video and screen sharing tools. At, we offer all the resources you need to conduct a successful, professional online meeting with no hassle, and no cost to you or your attendees.

Start an Online Meeting

Now more than ever, companies are adopting online meetings for improving employee collaboration. Businesses use to deliver news, training and webinars. Read More...

The Top 4 Internal Communications Tools for Businesses

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Good communication is the backbone of any successful business. In fact, a study from Willis Towers Watson found that companies with effective communication are three and a half times more likely to outperform their peers.

Today, there are a wide variety of tools and screen sharing sites that claim to help businesses improve their internal communications, but only a select few deliver on that promise. Read More...

Voice Over Internet Protocol: The Myth, The Legend, Your New Go-To Conference Calling Tool

Ring, Ring. It’s the internet calling — and it’s your boss, so you might want to pick up.

Chances are, you go to or call into a lot of meetings. In the United States alone, there are an average of 11 million meetings held daily according to a recent study, which means that finding the free tools to make these meetings less dreadful and a whole lot more practical is crucial to getting through your work week feeling accomplished and efficient. That’s where voice over internet protocol comes in — or VoIP. Read More...