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How to Configure Extension Types with

Each SimpleVoiceCenter account provides the option to configure extensions after a caller has listened to one of your VoiceBox recordings/greetings. The three (3) different extension types are:

  1. Playback Only - The caller can only listen to that VoiceBox's greeting. Once the recording is done playing, the message will repeat.
  2. Playback and Record - The caller can listen to that VoiceBox's greeting and leave a recorded message. This feature works like a traditional voice mail system.
  3. Dial Out - After the caller has listened to that VoiceBox's greeting, the system will then forward them to a cellphone or land line number of your choosing.

To configure your extensions using a telephone, follow the instructions below: Read More...

How to Manage Online is a great tool for storing recorded messages and conference calls for callers to listen to, all in one location. It's a complete voice messaging system with multiple voicemail boxes, and greetings. Users can develop their own voicemail box structure including extension numbers with the ability to turn incoming messages on or off in each box. Also included with each account are online management tools - a web interface for organizing, retrieving, storing, downloading and uploading of outgoing greetings, incoming messages and pre-recorded audio files. In addition, SimpleVoiceCenter provides the ability to create an unlimited number of sub-voice boxes and stores an unlimited number of incoming messages. To access these online management tools, Login and follow the steps below to get familiar with your SimpleVoiceCenter account:

  1. Account Info - Edit account information at anytime
  2. VoiceCenter - Edit your Account password and select which VoiceBoxes will send an email when a new message is available.
  3. VoiceBoxes - Add VoiceBoxes to your account and view details of existing VoiceBoxes
  4. Messages - Listen to incoming messages and upload recordings and greetings
  5. Podcast/RSS -Used to listen to recordings as a podcast/RSS feed

For help or instructions, use the FAQs tab for further information. To speak with a live Customer Service Representative, call us at 877-482-5838 (562-437-1411 if calling outside the U.S.) or email to Read More...

How to Playback Recorded Conferences Online

Creating a URL link for your recorded conference calls is quick and easy with This feature is great for sharing conference calls with those that missed it, would like to listen to it again or for simple recap. This URL link can be sent out via email, posted on your website, blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Follow the instructions below to create a URL link for your latest recorded conference call. First, login to your account and click the History & Recordings tab. Next, click the icon in the 'Shared' column that is associated with the recording you wish to share and fill out the form (see screen shot below). Read More...

How to Record Conference Calls using Web Controls

Using the online web controls to record your conference call is easy. Once the conference is recorded, it is available via the playback number (provide upon registration and listed in your account), web playback (covered next week) and can be downloaded to your computer to use at your discretion. These options allow you to share the recording with those that may have missed the call or for recap.

To begin recording login to your account at the time of your conference and set the Live Conference button to the On position. Next, click the Recording button to On and a prompt will announce that recording has been activated. To stop and save the recording, click Off and a prompt will announce that recording has been stopped. If you do not have access to your online web controls, the * (star) 9  touch tone command can be used instead to record. Read More...

How to Conduct Free Screen Sharing Meetings with

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One of the newest features to has been the addition of Free Screen Sharing. A While on a conference call, you have the option to conduct a Screen Sharing meeting. Follow the instructions below to start a Screen Sharing meeting with

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click the 'Invite Others' button on the left hand side of the Conference View page to send conference details to participants using your preferred email client. A Instruct participants to dial into the conference and click on the meeting link in order to view your screen during the call.
  3. When ready to begin a meeting, click on the Screen Sharing tab found on the right hand side of the Conference View page and launch the application.
  4. A Screen Sharing Controls window will display from which you may choose the different programs to show your participant during the online meeting. To manage your applications, click the 'Select Items to Share' button.Share button
  5. Begin the online meeting by clicking the 'Start Meeting' button.Start the meeting button
  6. All joined participants are now able to view what you are sharing on your computer screen.
  7. Anytime during the online meeting you and your participants can send instant messages to everyone that is logged on using the Chat feature provided on the Screen Sharing Controls window. All of this can be done while you share a screen