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Thank You Very Much

I would like to express my thanks to all of you who make up our wonderful community.

When schools went virtual we took it as our responsibility to help. We were in a unique position to make sure teachers and students had the tools they needed to create an effective, virtual learning environment. Read More...

Showing Gratitude to Our Community

Recently I sent out an email to thank our wonderful community. I wanted to say thank you for helping us provide free communications to people around the world. I also wanted to share some stories that had been shared with us. Stories from people who used our tools to stay connected with friends and family during this pandemic. Stories from non-profits who are focused on creating lasting changes in their communities. And stories from churches around the world who have continued to gather in fellowship because of the free audio and video conferencing we are only able to provide because of you, our incredible community of users.

In this email I also asked people to share their stories with us. I was overwhelmed. The stories were beyond powerful. In particular, many stories were shared about the transformative moment we as a country, and, hopefully as a world, are experiencing. Here is one such story: Read More... Thanks Its Community

First off thank you to everyone for your patience and support. We truly do have the best community of users in the world.

Importantly, we are working around the clock to add capacity and bandwidth. These are unprecedented times. Never before in history have so many people looked to phone networks and the internet to stay connected. This has placed a strain on all methods of communication. Undoubtedly some of you have experienced this on our network. I personally have experienced it even just trying to call friends and family from my cell phone. All of our fellow conferencing providers around the world are doing everything they can to minimize outages. We fully understand the frustration this has undoubtedly caused. Please know everyone is working to get this remedied. We understand the gravity and importance of coming through for you now. This is true of us and our fellow conferencing providers. And because of that we want you to know that we understand the responsibility we now carry and that we will come through for you. Read More...

Congratulations to Josh Lowenthal, FreeConferenceCall’s new COO

Josh Lowenthal, COO

Josh Lowenthal, COO

Josh Lowenthal is the Chief Operating Officer at  Since joining in 2010, has successfully expanded to a customer base of over 25 million users each month in more than 50 countries worldwide.  Each day, Josh continues to expand our services by engaging customer bases eager to participate in the global economy through teleconferencing.

Lowenthal's accomplished career began with his efforts to modernize telecommunications in West Africa. Through this experience, he realized his passion for connecting people across the world with great conferencing solutions.  When Josh joined, he brought his passion for international business to a company that strongly encouraged "thinking beyond the startup mentality." Read More...