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7 Best Practices for Working With Remote Colleagues

Working with remote teams is a reality for many of today’s modern businesses. Impeccable organization, collaborative tools, and strong communication are the keys to keeping your projects on track. Use these best practices for collaborating with your long-distance colleagues:

Regularly communicate your organization’s vision and goals with every member of your team. When distant employees understand the overarching business goals, it helps to motivate them, keep their work on track, and create a sense of shared purpose. Read More...

Fundraisers: How to Host a Profitable Event

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Fundraising events are a great way to bring in large donations and publicize your organization. However, throwing an event that is both fun and profitable is no easy task. Successful event planners understand that the bulk of the work, from strategizing to budgeting to marketing, occurs before the event.


Improper budgeting and goal setting can result in a fundraising event that only breaks even or, worse, costs more money than you raised. Your budget and financial goals should be detailed and realistic. Account for all estimated costs, including the cost of supplies that might be donated, such as food or equipment. Be conservative in your donation estimates, and consider padding your budget by 5-10% for unexpected and last-minute costs. Read More...

Social Media Marketing: Take Tips from Political Campaigns

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Political committees have mastered social media marketing, and you can improve your own marketing campaigns by borrowing their techniques to build and expand a supportive base by connecting with audiences who may not have heard of your organization or are biased towards a competitor.

In the 2008 presidential race, Barack Obama’s campaign team was one of the first to truly tap the power of social media. They reached out to volunteers and voters on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and political committees haven’t looked back since. Read More...

Conference Call and Online Meeting Presentations: How to Keep your Audience Engaged

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Public speaking requires a unique set of skills and talents that most professionals have honed after years of experience. With the emergence of teleconference and screen sharing technologies, professionals are faced with new communications challenges related to capturing their audience’s attention. Online audiences may be less likely to focus and more likely to multitask, as there is little social pressure to set down their smart phone and pay attention.

Despite these challenges, teleconferencing has steadily increased in popularity as a cost-effective means of communication. Business professionals, clergy, activists, and educators can broadcast their message to a much wider audience than they could before without leaving their home or office. Whether you conference in real-time or record your presentations, there are a few techniques that can help keep your online audience interested and engaged: Read More...