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The Best Presentation Software for Clients, Leads and Screen Sharing

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Presentation software can take an online meeting or conference call from ordinary to outstanding. Its benefits are undeniable: From easier communication to streamlined video conferences, presentation software has proven value.

Best of all,’s presentation software is simple, easy to use and completely free. Read More...

The Best Free Tools for Your WeWork Office

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By Haley Steinhauser, Director of Public Relations & Social Media

Working remote requires a specialized set of tools and a specific amount of patience (dropped calls anyone?) to succeed. As more and more people say “see ya” to traditional 9-5 office environments in favor of communal workspaces (like WeWork) and even their own backyards — the tools available for daily success have expanded. Read More...

How Video Conferencing Can Save Money for Businesses

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These are the ways that video conferencing can save money for businesses:

  1. Cutting down on wasted time.
  2. Maximizing efficiency.
  3. Eliminating any potential travel costs.

Here, we’ll discuss why video conferencing is beneficial for many businesses, why video conferencing is a popular option, what types of video conferencing are available and the times when businesses should opt to use video conferencing. Read More...

How to Host a Successful International Conference Call

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International video conferencing has many cultural differences you’ll have to overcome to have a successful call.

We’ve come up with seven steps to having a successful international conference call without fail. Read further to find out how you can improve your international video conferencing habits and ensure you come off as a professional no matter where your participants are from. Read More...

Bootstrapping Your Start-Up: Why You Shouldn’t Take Venture Capital

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By: Founder & CEO David Erickson

As a successful entrepreneur, I am often asked to offer my best advice for those looking to start their own companies. My answer: Don’t take the money. Venture capital isn’t always what it is cracked up to be. Focus on what matters — being a CEO, building your products and your company culture. You may not have seen that one coming. When you’re ready to take your new business off the ground, securing equity can feel like the only thing that will actually move your start-up forward. We are often trained to believe that money equals success and validation. If you don’t receive money for your idea, is your company really worth anything? Read More...

What's the Best Video Conferencing for Small Business?

Small business video conferencing

Q: What's the best video conferencing solution for small business?

A: One that delivers the features you need while minimizing the impact on your overhead.

Ready for the reveal? It's StartMeeting®, brought to you by For Business™. It's a conferencing and collaboration service that delivers on both quality and cost. For conference call services for small business, here’s the breakdown of options. Read More...