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Comparing the Benefits of Audio-only Meetings and Video Conferences

Two people having a video conference

Video conferencing has quickly grown in popularity, and for good reason. With more people working remotely, online conferences have seen a huge spike in use.

While video conferencing is a powerful tool for communicating online, its dramatic increase in popularity overshadowed the benefits of audio-only conferences, leaving many with the impression that audio-only meetings are no good. But we think differently. There are a handful of benefits and drawbacks that come with both communication options, and we’re here to get to the bottom of it all. Read More...

How to Improve Audio Quality on a Conference Call

Man having a phone call in front of a laptop

With more people turning to conference calls to stay connected, audio quality is becoming increasingly more important. People depend on high quality conference calls for exchanging information accurately and staying engaged in their conversations.

There are a handful of things you can do to improve your audio quality and ensure you experience the best your conferencing service has to offer. Read More...

5 Ways Business Will Change After Covid-19

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Over the past month, the world of business changed dramatically. Covid-19 left an imprint on companies everywhere, forcing leaders, employees and everyone in between to use video conferencing to stay in touch. The global workforce shifted from coming into an office five days a week to working exclusively from home.

According to Fortune Magazine, “[company leaders] are thinking about more permanent changes in how we all work—shifts that will last much longer than this crisis and could forever reconfigure the entire notion of offices.” Read More...

How to Use Online Meetings with Your Customers

Man with headphones facing computer monitor

No matter what industry you’re in, meetings with customers are essential for the success of your business. Whether you provide a service or offer a product, you want to develop a strong relationship with your customers to ensure you’re received well throughout the community.

Online meetings are perfect tools for connecting with customers and learning more about your company from the client’s perspective. It’s become even more important now when many businesses can’t meet face to face with their customers. Online meetings are essential for keeping communications with your business and its community open. Read More...

5 Best Practices for Video Conferencing and Protecting User Data

Internet screen security protection

We have seen millions of new people enter the audio and video conferencing space in 2020. To aide this group, we'd like to share some best practices and tips that will help ensure you have a great, secure experience.

Our team at Free Conference Call takes security and the protection of our community's privacy very seriously. That is likely why Federal and State Governments have deemed us to be an approved vendor. Read More...