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Direct Selling Made Easy

A woman buying something online with her credit card

Are you a direct seller who manages a sales team? Then you understand how difficult it can be to get an entire team on the same page, let alone the same location. Tired of calling one by one to touch base? FreeConferenceCall is the perfect solution!

You already know we offer a great variety of communication services, the next step is learning how to apply them to your needs. In any direct selling industry you need to constantly remain informed and spread the news to your team. This is where we come in with SimpleVoiceBox! An easy-to-use and free voice-mail service where your team can call in to listen to the week’s agenda. Sales members can make it a routine and call for weekly updates. Read More...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Plate with appetizers on it for Thanksgiving

We wish everyone a wonderful holiday with your friends and family.   This weekend is the perfect time to share with your loved ones, and give thanks for everything we are blessed with.

As for us in the office, we had our FreeConferenceCall family lunch.  We decided to have a potluck where everyone shared some of their favorite dishes.  Below are a few pictures of the food and desserts we enjoyed. Read More...

Small Business Expo Success

Last week FreeConferenceCall attended the Small Business Expo in Los Angeles. We were able to meet hundreds of people! Some of the visitors at our booth were potential customers seeking tools in order to enhance their small business; others are loyal customers who after years of service continue using FreeConferenceCall.

Adam Jacobs, Sales Manager, was able to converse with the show attendees and explain the services we offer. Whether you are looking for a free basic service or an advance service with screen sharing and personalized phone line, FreeConferenceCall will assist you! Read More...

Phone a Prayer

A man on his phone and laptop

FreeConferenceCall is perfect for telephone prayer. Prayer lines and church organizations frequently use our conferencing lines to gather people around the world in a simple and efficient manner.  This is perfect when prayer/church members who live a great distance from each other or when there simply isn’t time to drive out to a specific location.  FreeConferenceCall doesn’t only save users time but money by enabling them to interact over the telephone instead of traveling.

Below are just some of the benefits of using FreeConferenceCall line for prayer: Read More...

7 Best Practices for Working With Remote Colleagues

Working with remote teams is a reality for many of today’s modern businesses. Impeccable organization, collaborative tools, and strong communication are the keys to keeping your projects on track. Use these best practices for collaborating with your long-distance colleagues:

Regularly communicate your organization’s vision and goals with every member of your team. When distant employees understand the overarching business goals, it helps to motivate them, keep their work on track, and create a sense of shared purpose. Read More...