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Stay Healthy During this Cold Season

A man putting his pointer fingers on the temples of his head

Winter is the season when you are prone to getting sick. This means you need to prevent a cold before it even begins. We understand this is difficult given that many of us work in an office environment and most of the time we hear our co-workers coughing and before we know it we are in a room full of germs. We need to take it upon ourselves to keep healthy. Today FreeConferenceCall will give you helpful tips on how to prevent a cold this winter.

  1. Wash your Hands- We can’t emphasize this enough. It is also a good idea to keep sanitizer around the office and by your desk.
  2. Keep Hydrated- By drinking fluids your body will be stronger to fight infection. We recommend water, natural juices, and green tea.
  3. Get Enough Sleep and Don’t Stress- When we are tired and overwhelmed our body doesn’t have the strength to fight a cold. Get plenty of sleep every night. You can also try yoga and meditation to release stress.

However, if worse comes to worse and you are sick don’t panic, stay home and don’t get the rest of your office sick as well. Unfortunately, work doesn’t stop and sometimes you still need to keep working while sick and for this you have your FreeConferenceCall account! Work from home and conduct telephone conferences instead of coming in to work. This will help you get better sooner and you don’t spread the infection to everyone else. Read More...

Annual FreeConferenceCall Soccer Game

Men playing soccer on a field

Every year around this time FreeConferenceCall welcomes our technicians who are stationed in Russia to join us for the annual holiday party. FreeConferenceCall began a tradition three years ago, during their stay we have a soccer game: FreeConferenceCall U.S. team members vs. FreeConferenceCall Russia team members!

The event is a lot of fun and it is a perfect reason to hang out with our co-workers. Read More...

Did You Talk to Santa Yet?

Santa Claus pulling down his glasses and winking

It’s that time of the year again; time for bliss, happiness, boots, hot chocolate by the fire place, and watch the snowflakes fall! This also means it’s time to start writing your letter to Santa… wait, why write to Santa when you can call him, forget the pen and paper or the post office fee!

Don’t forget that the Santa hotline is back up.   You may call Santa’s hotline and leave him a message. FreeConferenceCall will send the message to Santa.  Feel free to tell your children, siblings, parents, even neighbors! Read More...