Author Archives: Liliya Annual Exhibit at the 2011 Mary Kay Seminar

Every year for three weeks the ladies of Mary Kay Cosmetics make the trip out to Dallas, TX for the annual Mary Kay Seminar and, every year, we are there supporting the ladies and exhibiting our new and existing tools and services. This year was a huge success as the booth was visited by over 1,000 independent, senior and national sales directors from all over the world. Many of whom raved about our services and left video testimonials with our staff.  Check out our YouTube channel to hear how the directors are utilizing our services and click here for a complete list of services we provide. We look forward to seeing you at next year's Mary Kay Leadership convention in January and the 2012 Seminar in July! offers tools for Hurricane Irene Disaster Relief Organizations and Affected Communities disaster relief program

Hurricane Irene is headed toward the east coast and we are dedicated in providing quick and efficient communication tools to the people affected during the disaster. Our free tools provide emergency responders and community leaders with the opportunity to instantly communicate important disaster response plans and emergency information that can help save lives. The free tools now available include:

  • FreeConferenceCall: Conference with large scale groups to assess damages, organize volunteers and plan for recovery.
  • SimpleVoiceBox: A voicemail service that can be used to provide outgoing messages for status reports, disaster relief, and information about shelters or other services that listeners can access at anytime.
  • SimpleVoiceCenter: Multiple voice boxes for listeners to access a variety of messages all at one number at their discretion.

To sign up and learn more about our disaster relief services, visit or call our 24/7 Customer Service line at 877.482.5838 (Domestic U.S.) or 562.437.1411 (International) or email Read More...

Day 9 at the Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas, TX

FreeConferenceCall logo Display at MK Seminar

We are almost at the halfway mark for the 2011 Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas, TX and it has been a great 9 days so far. Many of the ladies have been excited to learn about the new products we offer, such as, FreeConferenceCall International, and If you're planning to attend the seminar, stop by booth 714 (look for our giant blue logo that's displayed in the image below)  to learn more about our newest services from our friendly staff. Click the links below to hear what is being said about by our Mary Kay customers.


Hello world!

Welcome to the brand new blog for Free Conferencing Corporation!! Each week we will discuss different topics about the services we provide, explore issues that are taking place in the world of telecommunications, examine articles found around the web, talk about the events that FreeConferenceCall has attended and any other creative things we can come up with. This blog is for you, the customer, and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing it and if there is ever something you wish for us to blog about, send us a message or leave a comment and we will be sure to try and feature it in a future blog.