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The 5 Best Travel Apps for College Students

College students traveling

By Caroline Leff

It's that time of the year where traveling is at its peak. School is out of style and summer is back in. From personal experience, traveling abroad as a young adult can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you’ve never traveled alone before. So I've compiled five travel apps that will make it simpler to travel and communicate with family and friends across the ocean — and let you conquer your summer adventure with confidence. Read More...

Going Global with International Conferencing Release Across 16 Countries

international conferencing on any device

International conferencing just got better, as released the most updated version of its services in-language to a group of non-English speaking majority countries.

New Features Available

Until recently, global customers had access to an audio-only platform. Now, longtime users and new users alike can get free accounts featuring high-definition audio, screen sharing and video conferencing, recording, customizable Meeting Wall, security features, desktop and mobile apps, integration with popular collaboration tools and more. Read More...

The Future Is Now: Erickson Talks IoT, UC&C and Integration at Telecom Exchange

TEX NYC 2017 - CEO Roundtable and CarrierX founder and CEO, Dave Erickson, joined a panel of other key CEOs at the Telecom Exchange New York’s CEO Roundtable. The panel tackled myths and realities surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT).

Not sure what IoT actually means?

It’s the concept of connecting everyday electronic objects and devices with the internet for the purpose of collecting, exchanging, processing and potentially acting on data. Read More... Recognized as a Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work Certified

We knew it. is an awesome place to work. Independent analysts at Great Place to Work® just made it official.

Based on extensive employee ratings, 95 percent of employees say it's a great workplace. And 100 percent of employees agree it’s a great atmosphere. Pretty impressive, right? For more details, check out a comprehensive summary of ratings. Read More...

3 Real Estate Tips and Tricks Using Only Your Account

Realtor using real estate apps

Whether you're just starting out or long in the proverbial real estate tooth, there's always room to up your sales game. Here are a few real estate tips and tricks that won't cost you a thing but might have a big impact on your bottom line — all courtesy of your account.

Real Estate Tips and Tricks #1: Create a Real Estate Video That Sells...You

According to video queen Leigh Brown, ABR, CIPS, broker-owner of RE/MAX Executive Realty in Concord, N.C., "Many agents think of video as a more dynamic way of showcasing their listings, but really, they should be using it to showcase themselves — their personality, their expertise, the people they are." Read More...

Live in Afghanistan: Grows its Global Roster

Conference call Afghanistan

Hi there, international conference callers. is excited to announce a new addition to our global roster. WIth every free account, users can now conference call Afghanistan.

How it Works

Are you a host?To find the dial-in number, login to your account and click View List under Account Information. Then simply provide participants in Afghanistan with the secure, local in-country dial-in number and your access code, along with the date and time of the meeting. At the scheduled time of the conference, participants dial in, enter the access code, and are connected. Read More...