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Building Business Resilience with a Remote Workforce

Remote worker video conferencing on a laptop in a park

It’s been a record-setting season for natural disasters, from hurricanes to fires to floods to earthquakes. Recovering from these disasters will take years as people rebuild both their homes and their businesses. Even businesses that avoided a direct hit are still forced to wait out the economic tailspin — particularly in tourist-driven economies. Businesses with a remote workforce, however, may be more agile in the aftermath. 

The Impact of a Remote Workforce

How can a business protect itself and encourage long-term resilience? Because whatever you believe about the causes of global warming, its effects will continue to be felt. That means it’s up to each business to develop a strategy for weathering future storms. FM Link, a facilities management company specializing in workplace strategy, recently described how remote working can positively impact business resilience. Read More...

#MeatlessMonday Recipes From the Kitchen

Meatless Monday veggie tacos

Welcome to the virtual kitchen of meatless meals! In case you haven’t heard, #MeatlessMonday is a global movement with a simple message: Once a week, cut the meat. Five weeks ago, at our headquarters in Long Beach, California, we joined the meatless Monday movement with six employees. How does it work? We each take turns bringing meatless meals to = feed the whole group — all in an effort to launch better eating habits, get inspired by a meatless diet and give our bodies a break from saturated fat. Plus save the planet. 

It’s been delicious. And as a testament, our little group is growing. So in case you need your own Meatless Monday inspiration, we’ve included our first round of recipes below. Recreate ‘em exactly or tailor to your tastebuds — just get cooking! Read More...

Best iPad Apps for 2017

Battle Golf screen shot

By James Barrett

The iPad remains the best tablet on the market — particularly the 9.7” iPad, released back in April. It’s not just a clean, intuitive experience. It’s the wealth of applications available on the App Store, specifically designed for this device — and they span every category you can imagine. No matter how you use your iPad, iPad apps are what make your device your own. But there’s a lot of options to choose from, and the sheer volume can be overwhelming. To make the job a bit easier, I’ve come up with a list of some of the best iPad apps for 2017 and beyond. Don’t miss out on grabbing some of the best iPad apps for your essential gadget. Read More...

Meet Our People: Heather Hall, Director of Finance at

Heather Hall, Director of Finance at

By Heather Hall

I’m Heather Hall, and I’ve been Director of Finance at for the last two and a half years — it’s taken me almost that long to decorate my office (priorities, people). I came to the company with nearly 15 years experience in the telecom field. Industry-speak would probably refer to me and other long-term telco folks as “dinosaurs” — there aren’t many of us left! Read More...

Cutting Costs as a Small Business

Video conferencing technology for small business

By Jessica Sullivan, Guest Blogger

Small businesses generally have it tough. You don’t get the benefit of economies of scale and you don’t have as much influence on the wider economic and political environment. What can you do? You can specialize, innovate and fill a unique role in the marketplace. So whether you have a physical location, online presence, or both — there are some ways you can scale back your outgoings and keep your finances out of the red. Read More...