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9 Myths About Free Conference Call Services and How to Benefit from the Facts

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By Kelly Kincaid

Every minute of the day, we’re living in the midst of a data explosion. As we sort through all the information — and misinformation — that abounds, it’s easy to get confused. Scouring the Internet for conferencing providers, for example, might leave you overwhelmed. But with so many options, how do we identify the best solution? Read More...

The Best Way to Connect With a Group – Free Conference Calls

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With the buzz around spiking demand for low-cost, enterprise-grade collaboration solutions, it would be only natural to associate a platform like with business conferencing and online meetings.

In reality, though, has been connecting people around the world for nearly 15 years. That has meant bridging all kinds of lives together. Often the motivation is business, sure; but also politics, faith, family — and everything in between. Read More...

Prayer Lines Bringing People Together

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In this increasingly digital world of remote engagement, it’s easy to feel isolated. Yet technology doesn’t always work against us. Reports show that more than 1 billion minutes of teleconferencing have been used for prayer lines over the past several years, the real impact of which has exceeded expectations.

According to long-standing customers, weekly teleconferencing is a critical “lifeline” for churchgoers unable to join a fellowship in person. Indeed, these tele-sermons and prayer calls have become a workaround for single parents, people with disabilities, elderly congregants and anyone who was previously kept away by the daily demands of life. Read More...

Overcoming Resistance: 3 Critical Components of a Successful Tech Tool Rollout

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By Brad Dupee

Imagine you’re an IT decision-maker (ITDM) and are ready to implement a new Unified Communications (UC) tool. Maybe it’s exactly what your team needs to increase productivity, streamline operations or improve processes. Even if you’ve grasped the benefits and stepped confidently into the role of product champion, that new tool still needs to be adopted company-wide in order to make the impact you envision. Read More...

Tales From the Front Line: Lessons From Your Trusted Customer Care Rep

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By Kelly Kincaid, Customer Care Representative,

At, we get a lot of calls into Customer Care about capacity. When we tell customers they can screen share, audio or video conference with up to 1,000 participants, they are usually shocked. We understand the incredulous guffaws. For most conference users, it’s hard to imagine how to manage such a large meeting. Read More...