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Video Conferencing for Fantasy Football Fanatics

Timing is everything in football, and with that said, you don’t want to be the person bragging about your victory scores hours or even a day late right?

You have to do it right as that final field goal goes through the uprights, right at the heat of the moment. That’s what makes adding video conferencing to your fantasy football experience such a perfect idea. Read More...

Millennials Changing the Workforce One Free Conference Call at a Time

A group of millenials sitting on the floor, against a wall with devices in their hands

By Cristina Varela, Marketing Coordinator

Adulting is hard. No one said it would be easy — but can you cut us a little slack here? Trying to find a suitable career after college is in itself a daunting task, but trying to get a handle on the ever-evolving tools used in business is no picnic either. Fax machine, Rolodex,  pencil — come again? Today, we scan our documents with cell phones, store our contacts in the cloud and have moved up to an iPencil. Technology is awesome, especially when it helps make our jobs a little bit less complicated. Read More...

The Best Free Tools for Your WeWork Office

A group of co-workers collaborating at a large desk

By Haley Steinhauser, Director of Public Relations & Social Media

Working remote requires a specialized set of tools and a specific amount of patience (dropped calls anyone?) to succeed. As more and more people say “see ya” to traditional 9-5 office environments in favor of communal workspaces (like WeWork) and even their own backyards — the tools available for daily success have expanded. Read More...

The Best Web Conferencing Software

Conference room

Web conferencing can be a fantastic way for companies to save money and time, efficiently exchange information and connect with attendees from all over the country and even the world.

Businesses are starting to take note, too—a recent report found that video conferencing usage more than doubled over a span of just two years across multiple industries. Read More...