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5 Best Headsets for Conference Call Meetings Online

man with headset on the computer

When attending an online conference call, the quality of your headset is just as important as the speed of your internet connection. If you have poor audio quality, it can negatively affect your call’s productivity and your team’s communication.

If you want to avoid spoiling a good conference call with shoddy audio, you’re in luck: We’re here to show you the five best headsets for conference calls: Read More...

Top 5 Online Conference Call Services With Outlook Calendar Integration

Woman using a laptop

When you’re trying to decide which service to use for your online conference call meetings, it’s easy to focus solely on fundamental features like audio quality, screen sharing and recording capability.

If you use Microsoft Outlook calendar, though, it’s also important to consider whether the service of your choice includes an intuitive and easy-to-use Outlook calendar integration. Read More...

How to Get 100% Free International Conference Calls

Woman talking on a cell phone

Finding a free, high-quality conference call service can be a challenge in itself, and finding one that offers free international dial-in is even harder.

With, you can make free international conference calls between 70 countries, whether you’re connecting to Australia, Mexico, the U.K. or anywhere in between. Read More...

How to Have High-Quality Conference Calls – Audio & Video |

Men working at a desk with his headphone

Whether you’re communicating with team members and clients via a video conference call or an audio-only VoIP conference call, quality is imperative.

After all, you want conference call participants to be engaged in discussion, not distracted by lagging video feeds, background static or audio that cuts in and out. Read More...

A Very Big 2018

By Cristina Varela, Marketing Coordinator

Dearest customers,

2018 was quite the year. For us, it was all about you — our beloved community of doers — and all the stories you shared of how you use That’s why we rolled out a brand new video campaign to tell your stories and we launched a ton of updates.Read More...