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Bootstrapping Your Start-Up: Why You Shouldn’t Take Venture Capital

Work From Home Office

By: Founder & CEO David Erickson

As a successful entrepreneur, I am often asked to offer my best advice for those looking to start their own companies. My answer: Don’t take the money. Venture capital isn’t always what it is cracked up to be. Focus on what matters — being a CEO, building your products and your company culture. You may not have seen that one coming. When you’re ready to take your new business off the ground, securing equity can feel like the only thing that will actually move your start-up forward. We are often trained to believe that money equals success and validation. If you don’t receive money for your idea, is your company really worth anything? Read More...

Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful. Work From Home With

Young woman working from home with coffee, blanket and tablet

It’s January. The bulk of the country has some long months of cold ahead, and with no twinkly holiday lights to soften the effect.

At, we don’t blame you for wanting to stay under that cozy comforter instead of getting ready for work. We don’t judge if you want to wear pajamas all day — even if those pajamas have feet, and you’re a grown adult. (Ok, we might a judge a little.) And we certainly don’t mind if you decide to forego the office for the snuggly fabulousness of your couch. Read More...

The 2017 Year in Review: Going Borderless at

A 2017 infographic of company highlights

This past year at, we have focused on evolving our brand so it more representative of how our customers use our services — and innovating based on newly-available technologies. It’s all about setting the stage for future success. To kick things off, we refreshed our mission statement to inspire our team and our users. We provide “a borderless platform that bridges countries and collaborators, creating a space where we can freely connect, share and innovate — without cost and without limits.”

Borderless Communication Tools

We’re continuing to establish ourselves as a global leader in audio and video conferencing with our trusted network. To remain best-in-class in 2017, we launched: Read More...

Your Quarterly Report: July – September 2017

Quarterly Report Jul-Sep 2017

Welcome to your Quarterly Report for July through September! We want to give you a look on what goes on behind the scenes at Here’s what’s new and noteworthy:

Flags of Japan and South KoreaGlobal Launches

For our international and non-English-speaking users, we launched in Korean and Japanese this quarter. Be on the lookout for more languages to come in the final quarter of the year, including Portuguese, Italian and Greek! Read More...