Are You Ready for Super Bowl Sunday?

Will the champions be the Ravens or the 49ers?! We are all excited about the Super Bowl game this Sunday, February 3.

But what’s a football game without a little gambling!  We did our part here in the office. We each purchased our square(s) in the office football pool. Now, we patiently wait for Sunday to see who the winners will be both on the field and in the FreeConferenceCall office.

Super Bowl San Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens Whichever team you are rooting for, have fun and be safe!

Remember, once your team wins, you can send a voice blast with SimpleBlast to all your frenemies and remind them who the champions are!  Also, if you want to watch the game with your buddies, but can’t be with them; make sure to use FreeConferenceCall to get everyone together.

(Image Source:hollywoodundeadofficial.ning)

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