Annual FreeConferenceCall Soccer Game

Every year around this time FreeConferenceCall welcomes our technicians who are stationed in Russia to join us for the annual holiday party. FreeConferenceCall began a tradition three years ago, during their stay we have a soccer game: FreeConferenceCall U.S. team members vs. FreeConferenceCall Russia team members!

The event is a lot of fun and it is a perfect reason to hang out with our co-workers.

The first soccer game was played in 2010 where the U.S. declared victory 1-0.  In 2011 it was an even game 1-1.

This year David Erickson decided to include a trophy for the winning team.  From now on the trophy will either stay in our Long Beach office if the members of the office win, otherwise the trophy will go to Russia for a year.

Below are a few pictures of the event…

Men playing soccer on a field

Men playing soccer on a field

Employees playing soccer on the field Men playing soccer on a field This year the winner of the annual FreeConferenceCall soccer game was drum roll

U.S.A. with a score of 1-0.

Till next year fellow colleagues!

Group of men after a soccer game

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