5 Steps to Productivity in 2016 – and the Apps That Will Help You (Part 4)

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To get the new year started, we’re offering a tip each day this week to help you improve your productivity. We’ve covered time management, device management and inbox management. Now we’re moving on to meetings, which almost everyone recognizes needs better management. (Management seems to be a theme here.)

As we’ve all experienced, some meetings are productive—and some drive you to look desperately at the clock. In 2016, try a fresh format for your business meetings by maximizing impact and taking them online!

Productivity Tip #4. Meet Smarter, Not Longer

Before your meeting begins, you’ve got to find a schedule that works for everyone. And if you’ve got participants in different time zones, TimePal (iOS) will handle the calculations for you. Add the cities you need and find out what time it will be in each of them. You also have the capability to create an event in your calendar.

Once your meeting is scheduled, it’s on to setting an agenda. After all, you can’t have a smarter meeting unless you’re willing to do a little planning. For a surprisingly slick end-to-end meeting tool, check out web and mobile versions available from WorkLife. Automating meeting best practices, this collaborative, real-time tool puts everyone literally on the same page. By creating a shared record of the meeting, decisions and next steps are instantly clear.

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For your meetings with colleagues and customers located down the street or across the country, use a simple, cost-effective conferencing service provider. FreeConferenceCall.com For Business is advancing online collaboration without racking up your costs. The platform includes features such as high-quality audio conferencing with dashboard controls, screen sharing, customized greetings and recording capabilities. With local dial-in numbers in 58+ countries, it’s the perfect way to keep your team engaged and your business growing.

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Not only will using these tips help you become more productive, but they might just actually give you a little more time back in your day. With that extra 30 minutes, you can start to focus on your work/life balance. Our last blog in this series offers you tips for how to take care of yourself.

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