17 Things We’re Thankful for in 2017

Thanksgiving potluck 2017Being thankful shouldn’t be an occasion — it should be a daily practice. But let’s face it: November is the month where we show the most gratitude. So in honor of Thanksgiving, we decided to share what we’re most thankful for here at FreeConferenceCall.com. So pull up a drumstick and check out the 17 items that made our shortlist. And Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. The most loyal customers in the world
  2. Co-workers that laugh often and generally kick butt
  3. The first sip of coffee
  4. Amazing company culture and environment
  5. Free lunch fridays
  6. The best CEO in the universe
  7. Creative freedom
  8. #LongBeachLife
  9. Warm sweaters in an ice-cold conference room
  10. Working from home in fuzzy socks and a baseball hat
  11. Bi-weekly snacks
  12. Heather’s perpetual candy supply
  13. Free chicken sandwiches for a year and good camping gear
  14. Work trips around the world
  15. Bean bag chairs in Customer Care
  16. Flu shots
  17. Wearing flip-flops to work

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