The 13 Best iPhone Apps for Toddler Parents, Part Two

A couple weeks back, I reviewed my favorite iPhone parenting apps to keep that toddler busy in the backseat while you head to family-friendly activities. In Part Two, I’ll focus on healthy, convenient and low-cost shopping apps — and we’ll look at the best buy and sell apps.

Shopping Apps

As a single mom, my biggest challenge is making sure my daughter eats healthy while staying within a budget. But no matter where you shop, be sure to use ibotta. This shopping app gives you cashback on everyday purchases that you can transfer to PayPal, Venmo or gift cards. (Free, App Store/Play Store)

As weekly shopping apps go, Flipp is also a good choice. It puts what seems like every weekly circular in the same place, so you never have to sort through mailbox coupons ever, ever again. Straight into the recycling bin! Or rip those circular up and try some papier mache crafts this weekend. And speaking of papier mache, thanks for existing, Pinterest.

I can’t even get started on Amazon Prime. I don’t understand how anyone lives without it. Prime includes Prime Now (a godsend), Amazon Video and Kindle Unlimited, which — let me tell you — has been key to maintaining breastfeeding sanity. Visit from your mobile browser to download. Then forevermore, simply click to buy and receive your order in that charming Amazon box within a couple days. Is it heaven? It sure feels like it.

Side note: Beware of late-night Amazon-ing. Just beware.

While not an app, I really dig Imperfect Produce (pun intended). This startup is a great solution for both food waste and everyone’s need to shop organic. Imperfect Produce provides organic produce at 30-50 percent less than what you find in grocery stores, just because it’s ugly. Pick the kind of box you want and set the delivery frequency. Downside: It’s only available in California (specifically L.A., Orange County and the Bay Area).

Buying and Selling Apps

There are tons of ways to buy cheap and sell used, but I’ve grown really partial to Facebook Marketplace — built right into your Facebook app — because I can easily crosspost sale items into the parenting groups that I’m a part of. (Free, App Store/Play Store)

There’s also OfferUp, which is the biggest mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers. You can list an item on this classified app in as little as 30 seconds. The more places you post, the faster you sell. These apps are also a great way to shop beyond your means, sourcing expensive pieces of equipment — like a used kitchen set or outdoor climber. Your kids won’t care if the colors are a little faded. (Free, App Store/Play Store)

Search your buy and sell apps first to see how similar items are priced locally. If your item doesn’t sell straight away, keep renewing your post and slowly drop the price until you get some bites. Then consider editing your post to let people know that you’re firm on the price.

Good luck holding onto your money! And check back next week for health apps and tracking apps. Missed Part One in this series? Learn about the best iPhone apps for parents needing to entertain toddlers.

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