The 13 Best iPhone Apps for Toddler Parents, Part Three

Welcome back, mamas and papas! To briefly recap, this series has so far reviewed the best iPhone apps for entertaining toddlers and the best shopping apps for busy parents. In Part Three, we’ll discuss health apps, and apps that help you not lose the stuff you need. Including your kids.

Health AppsBaby Connect App

For just about every health-related need, check out Baby Connect. Picked by Apple as a featured App for Busy Moms (or dads), it’s the most comprehensive baby tracking application on the AppStore. This health app features graphical reports and trending charts, weekly averages, medicine, vaccine and growth tracking, timers, notifications, reminder alarms, emails and more. Plus it syncs to cloud so family members and child care providers can be in the know. ($4.99, App Store/Play Store) is the perfect app for when you’re out of sick time at work but your toddler is running yet another fever (translation: daycare is a no-go). See if you can work from home instead. Let your manager know you’re on top of your game by providing a list of tasks you’re going to complete. Then make sure you complete them, whether it’s during naptime or while your toddler is distracted by some sick-day screen time. (Free, App Store/Play Store).

Three Good Things is an activity you can do together as a family, and it’s a great way of connecting emotionally with your little one. This app lets you create a daily happiness journal, which is excellent for mental health and overall wellness. (Free, App Store/Play Store)

Keeping-Track-of-Your Kids-and-Everything-Else Apps

Learner Mosaic App ScreenshotsWhere the Baby Center app leaves off, Learner Mosaic kicks right in. It’s a free app that offers personalized tips to nurture your preschooler in smart, playful ways. Winner of a Digital Innovation in Learning Award for Research at Work, Learner Mosaic is interactive in offering rich insights from child development experts. (Free, App Store)

And then there’s keeping track of your child’s location. For every possible bell and whistle, the AngelSense tracking app is a safety app that works with an AngelSense Guardian GPS wearable device. The AngelSense wearable device can be attached to your child’s clothing or where it won’t interfere with daily activities. You can monitor your child’s location, get real-time notification and listen in to your child’s surroundings. (Free, App Store/Play Store)

If you or your toddler have a tendency to lose things, try Tile. This app works in conjunction with flat, trackable little chips that can be attached to an iPhone, a backpack, keys, a favorite stuffed animal or pretty much anything (your child’s shoe?). While buying Tile chips can add up, the ability to quickly find lost items is worth the price.

That’s a wrap for this series on parenting with a little help from your iPhone. Now, busy parents, go forth armed with apps. May you raise happy humans!

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